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Game of Pharaohs

2019by Dameona Hewlett, Camal Shorter, Japan Spells and Anthony White

"Camal, Japan, and Dameona are good kids, but struggling students. They’ve decided homework is pointless, and they’d rather just play their video game. One night when the kids refuse to stop playing, they are sucked into the world of The Pharaohs, where now they must complete challenges in their weakest subjects in school to make it out. Characters (and readers!) must solve hieroglyphic word puzzles, find their way through science-related mazes, and complete math mysteries on their path to earning their Pharaoh crowns and returning to the real world. Can they challenge themselves and learn to ask for help in time to make it out of the game? The authors of this story are part of an innovative program run by Reach Incorporated. Reach develops grade-level readers and capable leaders by preparing teens to serve as tutors and role models for younger students, resulting in improved literacy outcomes for both. Learn more at Books were created in collaboration with Shout Mouse Press. Shout Mouse is a nonprofit writing program and publishing house for under-heard voices. Through writing workshops that lead to professional publication, Shout Mouse coaches writers from marginalized backgrounds to tell their own stories in their own voices and, as published authors, to act as agents of change. Learn more at" -- publisher





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