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No room for a pup!


by Elizabeth Suneby and Laurel Molk

"Mia wants a puppy more than anything, but her mom insists that they don't have room. So, Mia and her grandma invite some furry and feathered friends for a visit--Grandma's parrot, Mia's class bunny, a neighbor's cat, even the book club's pet pig. The apartment is overrun! But how will this yowling, squawking, snorting, snuffling chaos help Mia's cause? She plans to convince her mom that there's plenty of room for a pup--at least, once all the other animals are gone! This hilarious twist on the classic Yiddish folktale is a valuable reminder that there is always room for one more"--

Any Child

I promise


by Catherine Hernandez and Syrus Marcus Ware

"Featuring tender-hearted illustrations by renowned artist Syrus Marcus Ware, I Promise captures with love and honesty the intimate moments of parenting in all their messy glory--from dealing with a kid who doesn't want to brush their teeth to looking under the bed for monsters to cuddling after a long day."--

Any Child

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