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by Thao Lam

A wordless picture book about an imaginary world behind the walls in Thao Lam's signature paper collage style. It tells the story of a young girl whose family moves into a new house. Outside, she can hear other kids playing, but she's too shy to say hello. So she picks at the old wallpaper in her room--revealing an entryway to a fantastic imaginary adventure world behind the walls. There, she runs between the vibrant and varied environments as she finds herself chased by a monster. He is frightening at first, until it becomes clear he simply wants to be her friend. When it comes time to go back to reality, the girl feels inspired with the courage to approach the other kids and say hello.--Provided by publisher

Any Child

Mermaid School


by JoAnne Wetzel and Julianna Swaney

Welcome to Mermaid School! Starting school is always exciting, especially when you're a mermaid. In this alluring undersea classroom, students count clamshells in math, accompany trumpetfish in music class, and learn their A-B-Seas. They even enjoy story time about children who walk on land! After a wonderful day, it's time to sing the goodbye song and head home. But the fun's not over! Enjoy the Mermaid School Handbook at the back for more whimsical facts and tips.--Page 2 of cover


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