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Multicultural Picture Book Data: A First-Ever Look

Since founding, we've collected and catalogued over 2,000 multicultural picture books published since 2002 and now our data is available to the public -- live and free for your use. We invite you to review the first-of-their-kind live-data charts on our home page that examine the disparities in current representation in children's picture books.

You may also dive deeper and look at how representation breaks down when you consider different racial and cultural groups.

Currently these are available for:

Asian/Pacific Islander/Asian American
Bi/Multiracial/Mixed Race
Black/African/African American

Brown-Skinned and/or Race Unclear
First/Native Nations/American Indian/Indigenous
Latinx/Latin American/Hispanic
Middle Eastern/North African/Arab

To help encourage a fresh look and deeper examination of this data, our team is putting together some thought-starter questions for you, your classrooms and libraries to ponder.


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