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Our Research & Related Readings

A selection of research published by the Diverse BookFinder team:

Aronson, K.M. O’Brien, A.S. (2014) How Cross-Racial Scenes in Picture Books Build AcceptanceSchool Library Journal, blog.

Aronson, K. M., Stefanile, C., Matera, C., Nerini, A., Grisolaghi, J., Romani, G., Massai, F., Antonelli, P., Ferraresi, L. & Brown, R. (2016). Telling tales in school: Extended contact interventions in the classroom. Journal Of Applied Social Psychology46(4), 229-241. doi:10.1111/jasp.12358

Aronson, K. M., & Brown, R. (2013). Acculturation and social attitudes among majority children. International Journal Of Intercultural Relations37(3), 313-322. doi:10.1016/j.ijintrel.2013.02.004

DiverseBookFinder team -- Multicultural Picture Book Data: A First-Ever Look 

Related Readings:

The Need for Multicultural Books

Adichie. C. N. TEDGlobal. (Producer). (2009). The danger of a single story
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Maclean, K. (2016, March 1). What we talk about when we talk about diversity. Kyo Maclean Kids (blog).
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Myers, C. (2014, March 16). The apartheid of children's literature. The New York Times, pp. SR1, National Edition.

Guidance on Evaluating Authenticity in Multicultural Books:

Leitich Smith, C. "Diversity and Inclusion in Children’s and Young Adult Books"

What We Do All Day blog -- "Multicultural and Diverse Children's Books"

Pragmatic Mom blog -- "Multicultural Books for Children: 60+ Book Lists"

"We Publish Diverse Children's and YA Books, More than 40 Publishers Share Their 2016 Titles"

American Indians in Children's Literature -- "Best Books"

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