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Our intention is to acquire and make available ALL picture books featuring indigenous people and people of color published in the U.S. since 2002, including reprints. Inclusion of a title in the collection DOES NOT EQUAL recommendation. See our related readings page for suggested links for evaluating books.

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    by Janiel M. Wagstaff and Dana Regan

    Meet Stella! Poet extraordinare. In Ms. Merkley's class, every year starts with a poetry walk. But that's just the beginning--poetry is part of every day. It's in kids journals and in their voices, on the wall and in the hall. Poetry tumbles in an avalanche from Tineka's desk, roars out of a tornado-cancelled field trip, and even keeps Filipe up at night. Warning: poetry can really hook you. Take a poetry walk with Stella, and you'll be hooked, too!--Back cover


    What gritty kids do when no one is looking


    by Jim Grant, Caleb Grant and Dana Regan

    "Kids with grit are determined to achieve their goals, often against difficult odds. They're open-minded and conscientious, they listen to others, work hard, and pay attention to the details. Above all, gritty kids are resilient and persistent, they learn from their mistakes and believe in the future. Who has grit? You do! Look inside to see what gritty kids like you do every day"-- Back cover


    Stella and class


    by Janiel M. Wagstaff and Dana Regan

    "Meet Stella! Do you know what it's like to be inquisitive? To have your mind racing with questions? Stella does! When Stella's class gets curious about chameleons, their teacher, Ms. Merkley, is happy to oblige. Join Stella and her friends as they become chameleon experts, and experts in informative writing"-- Back cover


    She stood for freedom


    by Loki, Mulholland, Angela, Charlotta, Fairwell and Janssen

    Biography of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland follows her from her childhood in 1950s Virginia through her high school and college years, when she joined the Civil Rights Movement, attending demonstrations and sit-ins. She also participated in the Freedom Rides of 1961 and was arrested and imprisoned. Her life has been spent standing up for human rights.

    Biography Incidental Oppression