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A Small Kindness


by Stacy McAnulty and Wendy Leach

"Teach the importance of goodwill with this impactful picture book with a solid pay-it-forward message to encourage kindness in young children—from the award-winning author of Excellent Ed and Sun! One In a Billion. It was like a game of tag, with one small act of kindness spreading throughout a small community of kids and teachers alike. Award-winning children's book author Stacy McAnulty packs a powerful punch with minimal text, providing a sweet message about all the small ways one can be kind. Illustrator Wendy Leach creates a diverse cast of characters while using color as a visual cue to how kindness is able to spread, even in a small community like a school. Overall, A Small Kindness is sure to speak to this new generation of children and their parents." -- publisher

Cross Group Incidental

Violet the Snowgirl


by Lisa L. Walsh and Wendy Leach

"A versatile story that gives children permission to grieve and helps them find ways to cope with loss. When third grader Jerzie wakes up the day after her birthday, she feels grumpy. Her birthday cheer is gone and she knows today is going to be nothing but boring—until she hears a knock at her door. Grandma’s here! Grandma, Jerzie, and her little brother, Josiah, spend all day outside building and playing with Violet, a snowgirl that becomes a pilot, a teacher, a vet, and even their late granddad throughout the day. But when a warm day comes and Violet melts, Jerzie and Josiah feel angry, frustrated, and sad. It feels like they’ve lost a loved one and they wonder why they even made her in the first place. Mom didn’t tell Josiah to stop crying, or tell Jerzie to cheer up. Their sadness just seemed right. Later that night, Jerzie still feels sad, but when she remembers the magical day Violet came to be, she can’t help but smile a little. She helps Josiah remember how much fun they had with Grandma too, and she realizes that even though Violet is gone, just like her birthday, the memories will always be with her. The stages of grief are complex, but using the simple analogy of building a snowman, Violet the Snowgirl is accessible and versatile. It helps children process change, like moving to a new school, and offers strategies for dealing with more difficult loss, like divorce or death. At the back of the book, mental health professionals, educators, and parents will find discussion questions, diagrams to help children understand and track their emotions, and resources for when additional support might be needed." -- publisher

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