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Book List: Mindfulness

Here is a selection of books from our collection about mindfulness, including yoga for children.

We strive to include as much varied racial/cultural representation as possible, with a focus on #OwnVoices, but these lists also reflect what is available on the market. These titles are only a sample of what you can find in our full collection. To see more, use the search box to type in “mindfulness,” “yoga,” or related terms.

Harini & Padmini Say Namaste


by Amy Maranville and Tim Palin

Join Harini and Padmini for yoga! Miss Janini will teach the class about the ancient spiritual history of yoga, along with some asanas (poses). It's Padmini's first yoga class, and she doesn't know most of the poses, but she cannot wait to learn. Come learn with her!

Beautiful Life

Many of the cover images on this site are from Google Books.
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