Reina Ramos Meets a BIG Puppy

“Reina and her friend, Lila, practice gymnastics on Saturdays. It’s Reina’s favorite part of the week. But when Lila gets a puppy, Reina has to practice gymnastics by herself. Also, Lila’s dog is HUGE, and Reina is afraid to admit to her friend that she is scared. What can Reina do?” — publisher […]

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Reina Ramos Works It Out

“For wax museum day at school, Reina Ramos is excited to dress up as Frida Kahlo and present her report in character. Frida is strong, just like Reina’s mami and abuela. Plus, Reina has the perfect headband for the costume. But when her best friend Nora picks Frida first, Reina doesn’t know what to do. Why would Nora do that? And who will Reina dress up as now? Reina Ramos is one of the first Latina characters in the I Can Read! program. Four titles are planned. Author Emma Otheguy brings to life an exciting new character and Andrés Landazábal’s illustrations are a beautiful tribute to Latine culture and diversity.” — publisher […]

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Oliver’s Lolipop

“When his sugary dreams don’t go according to plan, Oliver learns that the wide world around him might just be the sweetest thing of all.

Oliver finds the perfect lollipop on his birthday trip to the zoo, and it’s all he can think about! Forget riding the carousel—he might drop his precious treat. No point roaring at the lions with his brother or engaging with any of the animals. After all, who needs the peacocks’ beautiful feathers or the flamingoes’ brilliant hues when there’s a colorful swirly lollipop to admire?

But when one particular zoo animal threatens to ruin the fun, Oliver learns that there’s plenty more to see than the candy he’d been coveting. And sharing the day—and his sweets—with his brother might just be the most special treat of all.” — publisher […]

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