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Collection: Immigrant/Refugee

Here is a selection of books from our collection about immigrants and refugees and their experiences leaving their home countries and adjusting to life someplace new. These titles are only a sample of what you can find in our full collection.

My two blankets


by Irena Kobald and Freya Blackwood

Cartwheel has arrived in a new country, and feels the loss of all she's ever known. She creates a safe place for herself under an "old blanket" made out of memories and thoughts of home. But when she meets a new friend, the relationship helps her take her first steps into a new culture, and Cartwheel begins to weave a "new blanket," one of friendship and a renewed sense of belonging

Cross Group

Grandfather’s story cloth =


by Linda Gerdner, Sarah Langford and Stuart Loughridge

Ten-year-old Chersheng helps his beloved grandfather cope with his failing memory, brought on by Alzheimer's disease, by showing him the story quilt Grandfather made after fleeing his homeland, Laos, during wartime

Beautiful Life

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