Our Collection

Questions about our collection?

We collect all depictions of Black and Indigenous Peoples and People of Color (BIPOC) in mainstream children’s and young adult books published in the U.S. Discover how the books are selected and the criteria for inclusion in the DBF’s collection.


Our Tags

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As our DBF volunteers read and analyze texts they work to identify elements within each text that highlight issues of representation and messaging around BIPOC characters beyond the limited library and publisher descriptions. Using form, content, and character tags along with unique elements tied to our data, we hope to facilitate the discovery of diverse youth literature. Learn all about our tagging scheme and how we analyze each text.


Our Research

How does the DBF conduct research? And other related resources.

The DBF has long been a source of critical data in the conversation on BIPOC representation in books for youth. Our team and collaborators have created publications, presentations, interviews, and more that further contextualize the ongoing research on diverse books. Explore the research related to the DBF.


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