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Who Is Ana Dalt?


by B.D. Cottleston and Marcin Piwowarski

"Why are some things just for Ana Dalt? What makes her so special? And most importantly… Who is Ana Dalt? This fully illustrated dust jacket picture book follows the narrator as they try to determine who Ana Dalt is and what makes her so special. Why can Ana Dalt have things kids can’t? Why can Ana Dalt stay up late and watch scary movies? This clever play on words will have readers questioning who Ana Dalt is while they enjoy the simplistic rhymes, adorable art, and a relatable young protagonist." -- publisher

Any Child

You Belong


by Rachel Platten and Marcin Piwowarski

"A soft and sweet message of welcome in this picture book to new babies from the singer-songwriter Rachel Platten. Singer and songwriter Rachel Platten has written soft and sweet words of welcome to new babies. It explores the myriad of emotions expectant parents experience. The dreamy illustrations capture the magic and wonder a parent has for their precious one before they arrive, and the person they envision as they grow up in the world. You Belong has a warm and loving message that will touch the hearts of everyone." -- publisher


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