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Beautiful Shades of Brown


by Nancy Churnin and Felicia Marshall

"Growing up in the late 19th century, Laura Wheeler Waring didn't see any artists who looked like her. She didn't see any paintings of people who looked like her, either. As a young woman studying art in Paris, she found inspiration in the works of Matisse and Gaugin to paint the people she knew best. Back in Philadelphia, the Harmon Foundation commissioned her to paint portraits of accomplished African-Americans. Her portraits still hang in Washington DC's National Portrait Gallery, where children of all races can admire the beautiful shades of brown she captured." -- publisher


I Celebrate My Skin


by Nonku Kunene Adumetey and Mary K. Biswas

"I Celebrate My Skin is an inclusive children's book about self-discovery and self-love. Focusing on celebrating and embracing skin tone diversity, I Celebrate My Skin is a fun and meaningful book you and your family will want to pick up again and again. The book includes modern illustrations that weave in a touch of traditional elements, playful language, and interactive fun activities at the end. This is one of those booķs that your child will be reciting from memory along with you as you read and the text can be used as daily affirmations for your children." -- publisher


Love the Skin You’re In Too


by Joseline J. Hardrick and Gayanjali Munasinghe

"If you liked my book for little girls, "Love the Skin You're In" ©, then you need to get this book for the little boy in your life. Every little boy should be told that he is beautiful and to love the skin he's in too! ♥ Children are born beautiful, period. Our shades, shapes, hair texture, and everything else about us reflect our rich human heritage and history. This picture book is a love poem to that beauty, made especially for little boys!" -- publisher

Race/Culture Concepts

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