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Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan marks the holiest month of the year for our Muslim friends and neighbors.

Ramadan is considered a time for self-reflection and self-improvement and part of that means that during Ramadan, Muslim people will follow a strict fast and not eat or drink at all during the hours of sunlight. Each evening when the sun has set, the day’s fast is broken with a special Iftar dinner that traditionally starts with date fruits. Throughout the month, Iftar is often celebrated with family, friends, and even the members of one’s local mosque. When Ramadan ends, Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr; a holiday which is celebrating with feasts and gift-giving.

Because the Islamic Calendar is a lunar calendar, the dates and times of Ramadan change each year and that means that Ramadan may fall during any season. In 2024, Ramadan will be a springtime celebration beginning on the evening of Sunday, March 10 and ending on Tuesday, April 9.

As the Muslim community celebrates this special time of year, the Diverse BookFinder offers a great list of new and upcoming picture books that focus on these important Islamic celebrations. From the honor and struggle of a child’s first time fasting, to the excitement of waiting for Eid al-Fitr, these stories cover so many topics!

Whether you’re excited to see your own faith represented in these sweet titles, or hoping to learn new things about a culture that isn’t yours, we hope you enjoy our selections!

Book cover of Moon's Ramadan by Natasha Khan Kazi.

Moon’s Ramadan by Natasha Khan Kazi

It’s Ramadan, the month of peace, and Moon watches over Ramadan traditions with excitement and longing in this sweetly illustrated debut. In Egypt, India, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates, in Somalia, New Zealand and Indonesia, in Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States, children and their families do good deeds in honor of those who have less.

Book cover of Ramadan Kareem by M. O. Yuksel.

Ramadan Kareem by M. O. Yuksel

Come in and experience the sacred traditions of Ramadan, the Islamic month of mercy and blessings, with children and families from across the globe. From waking up early for suhoor and fasting from dawn to dusk to praying and preparing an iftar meal to be shared, Ramadan is a time of increased spirituality, gratitude, charity, and empathy for all.

Book cover for The Blessed Pomegranates: A Ramadan Story about Giving by A. Helwa.

The Blessed Pomegranates: A Ramadan Story about Giving by A. Helwa

The leaves whisper it. The birds sing it. It is Ramadan, the holy season of giving! But Adam and Alyha can’t help wondering: what is the real meaning of Ramadan? Fortunately, wise Grandma Essi knows just what to do. With ruby pomegranates picked from Grandma Essi’s magnificent tree, the two grandchildren set off to visit their friends and neighbors, share their blessings, and discover, as Grandma Essi no doubt intended all along, to feel the spirit of the holiest month of the year.

Book cover of The Ramadan Drummer by Sahtinay Abaza.

The Ramadan Drummer by Sahtinay Abaza

It all begins one unforgettable night during Ramadan when Adam awakens to a resounding BANG! BANG! BANG! It’s the melodious call of the Ramadan Drummer, whose mission is to rouse the neighborhood for their pre-dawn meal before the day’s fast. As Adam ventures through the dimly lit streets alongside the drummer, he discovers that every act of kindness during Ramadan is a blessing multiplied tenfold. This heartwarming tale beautifully captures the essence of community and giving, which lie at the very heart of this cherished holiday. It reminds us all that the spirit of Ramadan is not only about fasting but also about coming together as a community and spreading love and kindness.

Book cover of A Ramadan to Remember by Marzieh A. Ali.

A Ramadan to Remember by Marzieh A. Ali

Ramadan is almost here! It’s Zain’s favorite time of the year. Well, it usually is. After a recent move and with no mosque or Islamic school in his new neighborhood, will Zain find a new Muslim friend to celebrate with him? Children will learn what makes the ninth Islamic month special from pre-Ramadan decorating, the importance of fasting and volunteering in the community, and the festivities and prayers that continue through the month, ending with Eid al-Fitr.

Book cover for Aliya's Secret: A Story of Ramadan by Farida Zaman.

Aliya’s Secret: A Story of Ramadan by Farida Zaman

Ramadan is coming, and as Abba and Ammi prepare for their month-long fast, Aliya hugs a secret to her chest: she’s going to fast too! Ammi says she’s still too young to fast, but Aliya is determined. At school, she refuses her snack, her lunch–even the cupcakes Sanjay’s mom drops off for his birthday. But when she gets home, she can’t resist Ammi’s sweet, syrupy baklava. Before Aliya can stop herself, she reaches out and takes a big bite. Aliya is disappointed in herself, but Ammi explains that there are many other ways to celebrate Ramadan besides fasting, like performing acts of kindness! Together, Aliya and her parents spend the month preparing and delivering meals to people in need.

Book cover for Looking for the Eid Moon by Sahtinay Abaza.

Looking for the Eid Moon by Sahtinay Abaza

Sara can’t wait for Eid, the Muslim holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan. It’s a wonderful holiday with festive decorations, special foods, and family and friends getting together. But Eid won’t begin until the crescent moon is spotted.

Book cover for The Night Before Eid by Aya Khalil.

The Night Before Eid by Aya Khalil

On the night before Eid, it’s finally time to make special sweet treats: Teita’s famous ka’ak. Zain eagerly unpacks the ingredients from his grandmother’s bulky suitcase: ghee from Khalo Karim, dates from Amo Girgis, and honey from Tant Tayseer–precious flavors all the way from Egypt. Together with Mama and Teita, Zain follows his family’s recipe and brings to life Eid songs and prayers, pharaonic history, and the melodies and tastes of his Egyptian heritage.

Book cover for Noura's Crescent Moon by Zainab Khan.

Noura’s Crescent Moon by Zainab Khan

Noura can’t wait for the sun to go down! With Ramadan and her first month of fasting almost over, she and Mama and Papa are headed to the hills for a moonsighting picnic. It would be truly special if Noura could catch a glimpse of the faint silvery crescent, something even her mother has never managed to do. If the moon stays hidden, that means one more long day before Noura can wear her sparkly new dress and the joyful Eid celebrations begin–bringing with them visits with friends, eating sweets, and painting henna on her hands.

Book cover for The Most Exciting Eid by Zeba Talkhani.

The Most Exciting Eid by Zeba Talkhani

Eid al-Fitr is nearly here! Follow along with Safa and her loved ones during their vibrant celebration of Eid, the Islamic holiday marking the end of Ramadan. Safa can’t wait to participate in all of her favorite holiday traditions: decorating the house, eating yummy food, henna, and enjoying the big family gathering! Safa loves sharing special moments and gifts with her family. But she’s also having a hard time sharing her Eid gifts with her cousin, Alissa. Will Safa learn what the spirit of Eid al-Fitr is truly all about?

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