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Latinx/Hispanic (Mexican, Central and South American) Collection Breakdown

Of the 360 books featuring Latinx/Hispanic/Latin American characters:

18% do not make race, ethnicity, or culture part of the plot. We call these Any Child Books.
56% take readers into the everyday world of characters in countries around the world, with specific cultural components such as language, food, celebrations, traditions, and/or other elements. We call these Beautiful Life books.
14% are biographies.
10% portray character interactions across racial or cultural difference. We call these Cross-Group books.
8% introduce readers to traditions, activities, languages and experiences, and includes all types of retellings and adaptations of traditional folktales. We call these Folklore books.
2% have a white protagonist. We call these Incidental books.
3% are nonfiction books that may not have a story line and do not always have to do with difference. These books are factual and may be encyclopedic. We call these Informational books.
4% are stories of prejudice, mistreatment and discrimination based on race, ethnicity or culture. We call these Oppression books.
5% invite readers to consider new perspectives related to racial, ethnic, or cultural commonalities and differences. We call these Concept books.

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