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Our intention is to acquire and make available ALL picture books featuring indigenous people and people of color published in the U.S. since 2002, including reprints. Inclusion of a title in the collection DOES NOT EQUAL recommendation. See our related readings page for suggested links for evaluating books.

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    Freddy’s favorite friend


    by Shirley Graves and Ken Kachope

    "Freddy has many wonderful friends. He enjoys the time that he spends with the talking parrot. Freddy also enjoys his friendship with the ice cream vendor. However, Freddy has a special friendship with Wilbur, the bright red motorcycle. They enjoy the time that they spend with each other. Wilbur shares his special dream with Freddy about traveling to see many different things and places"--Cover page 4

    Any Child

    Tessie tames her tongue


    by Melissa Martin and Charles Lehman

    "Tessie is bright and eager to share all the stories about her life. She talks to her parents, her little brother, the bus driver, her teacher, and her classmates. But when she gets chatty, she's loud. and talks with her mouth full of food. and doesn't give anyone else a chance to say what's on their minds. After her little brother complains and her classmates ignore her, Tessie knows it's time to tame her talkative tongue. With help from her school counselor, Tessie learns to talk less and listen more. Includes tips for parents and educators"--|cProvided by publisher

    Any Child

    15 things not to do with a puppy


    by Margaret McAllister and Holly Sterling

    The hilarious follow-up to 15 things not to do with your granny and 15 things not to do with a baby has all the warmth and humour of the previous two titles and teaches children how to look after their new puppy in a fun, quirky way. DON'T teach your puppy how to play the trombone or take her to school. DON'T let your puppy drive the car or juggle with the washing up. DON'T walk your puppy at a football match or wake her with a shout - she won't understand. DO play with your puppy, be patient with your puppy, walk your puppy and give her lots of cuddles and love. In no time at all you'll be best friends!

    Any Child

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