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Oppression: Struggle, Resistance, and Triumph

Here is a selection of books from our collection in the Oppression category. Books in the Oppression category are stories of prejudice, mistreatment and discrimination based on race, ethnicity or culture, such as stories focused on slavery, the civil rights movement or internment. These titles are only a sample of what you can find in our full collection. To see more, use the filtered search on the left-hand bar: go to “Book-Category” and click “Oppression.”

Shin-chi’s canoe


by Nicola I Campbell and Kim LaFave

When Shin-chi and his sister go off to his first year of Residential School in a cattle truck, she warns him of all the things he must not do. The days are long, he is very lonely and always hungry, but he finds solace down at the river with a gift from his father, a tiny cedar canoe. It seems like a very long time until the salmon swim upriver again and he can finally go home