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Our collection of picture books featuring Black and Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC) is available to the public. *Inclusion of a title in the collection DOES NOT EQUAL a recommendation.* Click here for more on book evaluation.

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    Character Prominence

    Game of Pharaohs


    by Dameona Hewlett, Camal Shorter, Japan Spells and Anthony White

    "Camal, Japan, and Dameona are good kids, but struggling students. They’ve decided homework is pointless, and they’d rather just play their video game. One night when the kids refuse to stop playing, they are sucked into the world of The Pharaohs, where now they must complete challenges in their weakest subjects in school to make it out. Characters (and readers!) must solve hieroglyphic word puzzles, find their way through science-related mazes, and complete math mysteries on their path to earning their Pharaoh crowns and returning to the real world. Can they challenge themselves and learn to ask for help in time to make it out of the game? The authors of this story are part of an innovative program run by Reach Incorporated. Reach develops grade-level readers and capable leaders by preparing teens to serve as tutors and role models for younger students, resulting in improved literacy outcomes for both. Learn more at Books were created in collaboration with Shout Mouse Press. Shout Mouse is a nonprofit writing program and publishing house for under-heard voices. Through writing workshops that lead to professional publication, Shout Mouse coaches writers from marginalized backgrounds to tell their own stories in their own voices and, as published authors, to act as agents of change. Learn more at" -- publisher

    Any Child

    Stay This Way Forever


    by Linsey Davis and Lucy Fleming

    "Stay This Way Forever, written by bestselling author and ABC News correspondent, Linsey Davis, is a heartwarming celebration of all the endearing qualities found in children and the hope that those special traits will stay with them forever. Celebrate the joy, wonder, and innocence of being a child with this love letter to the loved ones in your life that encourages them to celebrate their own special qualities now and into the future. Inspired by the endearing qualities she sees in her own son, Linsey Davis, ABC News correspondent and bestselling author of The World Is Awake and One Big Heart, has written another beautiful book that parents and grandparents can share with their little ones to let them know how special they are. With charming illustrations from bestselling artist Lucy Fleming paired with playful and heartwarming read-aloud rhymes, this book can help make a lasting impact on young minds as they discover their own unique qualities." -- publisher

    Any Child

    The Ramble Shamble Children


    by Christina Soontornvat and Lauren Castillo

    "New picture book by a two-time Newbery Honor-winning author! The delightful story of an unconventional family of kids who learn the ups and downs of working together. Merra, Locky, Roozle, Finn, and little Jory love their ramble shamble house. It’s a lot of work taking care of the garden, the chickens, and themselves, but they all pitch in to make it easier—even Jory, who looks after the mud puddles. When they come across a picture of a “proper” house in a book, they start wondering if their own home is good enough. So they get to work “propering up” the garden, the chickens, and even the mud puddles. But the results aren’t exactly what they expected, and when their now-proper household’s youngest member goes missing, they realize that their ramble shamble home might be just right for their family, after all." -- publisher

    Any Child

    Jenny Mei Is Sad


    by Tracy Subisak

    "With this educational and entertaining picture book, learn how to approach difficult emotions with compassion and understanding—and be the best friend you can be. Jenny Mei still smiles a lot. She makes everyone laugh. And she still likes blue Popsicles the best. But, her friend knows that Jenny Mei is sad, and does her best to be there to support her. This beautifully illustrated book is perfect for introducing kids to the complexity of sadness, and to show them that the best way to be a good friend, especially to someone sad, is by being there for the fun, the not-fun, and everything in between." -- publisher

    Any Child Cross Group

    Friends Change the World: We Are The Supremes

    by Zoë Tucker and Salini Perera

    "We Are The Supremes tells the inspiring story of three young school friends whose amazing talent and hard work saw them become America’s most successful vocal group of all time, The Supremes. This inspiring picture book tells the story of the friendship between Flo, Mary, and Diana, and how by supporting each other they overcame hardship to become international superstars. It’s 1960, and Flo, Mary, and Diana are three friends with big ambitions. They want to be superstars! But 1960s America was not the easiest place for young black girls from the projects to make it big. They audition for the new Motown Records label, but the manager says NO. Not to be put off, the girls try again, and this time, they succeed. They become...The Supremes! They travel the world, singing hit after hit. Of course they have falling outs, like all friends do, but with a shared dream to keep their friendship strong, they became the USA’s most successful vocal group ever." -- publisher


    The Big Day


    by Terry Lee Caruthers and Robert Casilla

    "Big day ahead! Big Mama says as she wakes young Tansy. She hurries Tansy through breakfast and a bath, and dresses in her best clothes. Big Mama even wears her special brooch. What could be so special about this day? Soon enough, Tansy learns the importance: Big Mama is voting for the first time! The elation and pride of Big Mama is captured in brilliant storytelling and gorgeous watercolors, bringing this historical moment alive. The Big Day celebrates Agnes Sadler, the first Black woman to cast a vote in Knoxville, Tennessee, on September 6, 1919." -- publisher

    Beautiful Life Informational

    Jayden & Zora’s Crown


    by Trevor D and Christina Rudenko

    "Trevor D. is a literacy advocate and American writer of books for children and youth in grades K-3. She created the "I Am Me Series," which includes four books centered around a little African American boy named Jayden, and his friends. The books highlight global, central themes of self- love, love for others, and an appreciation for diversity through empathy. The debut book in the series entitled "I Am Me," introduced the main character named, Jayden. Jayden & Zora's Crown" is the second book in the series which is a story that teaches Jayden and the crew a lesson about celebrating friends and honoring the things that make them great. Well, Zora, a bold, lively, gutsy little girl who has been taught the importance of loving and accepting herself, teaches Jayden and Chad a lesson on the beauty of her hair and why she declares it as her "crown." Trevor D. has embarked on a quest to utilize her love for writing to create a space where the underrepresented can find books where the characters look like them and share a cultural connection. Her goal is to infuse representation in books that will ignite a passion for reading and promote positive self-images. Her intention is to inspire brown and black boys to seek to excel in life, in a diversity of areas, and not live into the stereotypes that have been set." -- publisher

    Beautiful Life

    Sylvia and Marsha Start A Revolution


    by Joy Ellison and Teshika Silver

    "A picture book about the trans women of colour who started an LGBTQ+ revolution. Sylvia and Marsha are closer than sisters. They are kind and brave and not afraid to speak their truth, even when it makes other people angry. This illustrated book introduces children to the story of Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, the two transgender women of colour who helped kickstart the Stonewall Riots and dedicated their lives to fighting for LGBTQ+ equality. It introduces children to issues surrounding gender identity and diversity, accompanied by a reading guide and teaching materials to further the conversation. A picture book telling the story of Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, the transgender women of colour who fought for LGBTQ+ equality. Depicting the events that surrounded the Stonewall Riots, this is a playful introduction to trans identities and LGBTQ+ history for young children." -- publisher

    Biography Informational Oppression & Resilience

    Uncle Bobby’s Wedding


    by Sarah S. Brannen and Lucia Soto

    "Chloe's favorite uncle is getting married, and she's not happy about it. But after a magical day with Uncle Bobby and his boyfriend, Jamie, Chloe realizes she's not losing an uncle, but gaining one. Selected by Kirkus Reviews as one of the best picture books of 2020 and by the American Library Association as a 2021 Rainbow Book List title, celebrate family with this gorgeous picture book. When Chloe's favorite uncle announces that he's getting married, everyone is excited. Everyone except Chloe, that is. What if Uncle Bobby no longer has time for picnics, swimming, or flying kites? Chloe just wants to keep having fun with her favorite uncle, but she's afraid everything is going to change. Can Uncle Bobby and his boyfriend Jamie show Chloe that, when it comes to family, the more the merrier? In this inspiring, love-filled story, Chloe learns just what family means. Produced in coordination with GLAAD, this adorable picture book is a positive example of same-sex marriage and a celebration of family." -- publisher

    Any Child

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