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Our collection of picture books featuring Black and Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC) is available to the public. *Inclusion of a title in the collection DOES NOT EQUAL a recommendation.* Click here for more on book evaluation.

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Character Prominence

Together: The People of Ethiopia in Afaan Oromo and English


by Jane. Kurtz, Lee Baughman, Dana Belisle, Lois Bourninskie, Katie Bradley, Judith Carey, Patricia Farney, Tina Mae Fels, Cheri Gavin, Sue Kramer, Sue Krygles, Andrea Linn, Trudy Orth, Loretta Sampson, Patricia Stanfield and Irina Sztukowski

"Together or alone, the beautiful and diverse peoples of Ethiopia play and pray, walk and work, dance and smile in their own ways. Inspired by a popular Ethiopian teret and filled with vibrant watercolor portraits that detail the many gorgeous styles within Ethiopian culture, there are many reasons why people say that if you need to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together. Side by side text in Ethiopian languages like Amharic, Tigrinya and Afaan Oromo (with English) helps emerging bilingual readers develop vocabulary and build fluency. Part of our Ready, Set, Go! series of early readers in indigenous Ethiopian languages." -- publisher

Race/Culture Concepts

I Am You


by Refiloe Moahloli and Zinelda McDonald

"We may be different, but our hearts beat the same. In southern Africa, there is a belief called ubuntu—the idea that we are all connected. No matter where we’re from or who we are, a person is a person through their connections to other people. With simple, lyrical text and charming artwork, this lively picture book first published in South Africa is the perfect introduction to the concept of ubuntu for young kids. A celebration of friendship and kindness, the book shows children the many ways that we are all one." -- publisher

Any Child Race/Culture Concepts

Ordinary ‘Ohana


by Lee Cataluna and Cheyne Gallarde

"This is a little book about a big family making the point that family is who you choose and there's always room for more at Sunday dinner, even if it's on Saturday night, or Wednesday night, or whenever. In a time when families don't fit traditional definitions, Ordinary Ohana assures readers that a diverse family is a normal family. The book has a distinctive design and was packaged to imitate a family scrapbook feel. The book shares images of a contemporary Hawaii family both familiar and unique. The story unfolds through the experiences collected by a young boy named Kainoa. He has a pretty ordinary family life, according to him. But when he starts to introduce the various members of his ohana, he reveals a complicated but very sturdy and loving family structure that has been built, rebuilt, and reinforced over time. Kainoa describes generations-old Hawaii family traditions blended with a modern, open sensibility. He talks about people he loves in a matter-of-fact voice with witty observations that every reader will enjoy. Family is who you choose?" -- publisher

Race/Culture Concepts

Jasmín Pictures Home


by Antonia Marisol Garcia, Yunior Jose Garcia, Andy Pina, Pedro Reyes and Ian L. Springer

"In Jasmín Pictures Home, Andy, Marisol, Pedro and Yunior wanted to write a book that explores what it's like to be different in a new country. In this book, a group of friends are the only kids in their school who are not from the City of Caves. These four best friends are all immigrants --from four different countries!--and they all speak Spanish. Though they bond over their shared language and their shared love of soccer, it's not always easy being different from everyone else. The newest arrival, Jasmin, is having the hardest time and she spends all her time drawing. Hector, Manolito, and Jorge don't like seeing Jasmin struggle. Can they work together to help Jasmin see the beauty in being different?" -- publisher

Beautiful Life Cross Group Race/Culture Concepts

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