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Our collection of picture books featuring Black and Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC) is available to the public. *Inclusion of a title in the collection DOES NOT EQUAL a recommendation.* Click here for more on book evaluation.

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Character Prominence

Living Stories


by Mindy Willett, Philip Zoe, Therese Zoe and Tessa Macintosh

"The third title in The Land is Our Storybook series,by and about the people of the Northwest Territories, for readers at grade 4 - 7 level. In Living Stories, Therese Zoe translates the stories and traditional wisdom of Tlicho Elders Philip Zoe and Elizabeth Chocolate. Therese Zoe is a Tlicho woman from Gamèti in the Northwest Territories. She is a community health representative, a mother and grandmother, as well as a champion of ancestral skills and stories. In Living Stories, Therese shares her love for her community and translates the sacred stories and traditional wisdom of her brother-in-law, Philip Zoe, and his sister, Elizabeth Chocolate. Join Tlicho young people, Shelinda, Forest, and Bradley, as they learn about making dry-fish, bows and arrows, and birch-bark baskets; the practices of old-time healers; as well as the sacred stories that tell the history of the Tlicho people. Some of the stories Philip relates in this book have never been written down before - his versions of sacred stories are a gift to young readers across Canada, to be used wisely. The Tlicho Nation was the first in the Northwest Territories to gain self-government. With Elders such as Philip and Elizabeth passing along their traditional wisdom to the young, as well as knowledge gained since the Tlicho first encountered European peoples, the Tlicho are showing how they are, "strong like two people."" -- publisher

Beautiful Life Biography Incidental

Trailer Park


by J. C. Dillard, Madelin Arroyo Romero and Anna Usacheva

"When his family moved to the trailer park, Robert hated the park, and he didn't trust the new neighbors. He missed his big house, the big yard and his old friends. 'Here's our new neighborhood,' said Robert's dad. 'This isn't a real neighborhood,' said Robert. 'This is a trailer park.' But a young girl named Jessie slowly and patiently reached out her hand in friendship, until Robert learned his new neighbors in the park were the best people in the world. For every child who felt alone and without a friend, this book is for you." -- publisher

Cross Group Incidental

Work / ሥራ


"Help your young bilingual reader learn to read Amharic with this beautifully illustrated picture book about how Ethiopians work and rest. From the bustling city markets to dusty country roads, there is always work to be done or shared. Side by side text in English and Amharic support young learners of indigenous Ethiopian languages. Colorful watercolor illustrations bring the people of Ethiopia to life with rich details and supportive context. Part of the Ready, Set, Go! series of early readers." -- publisher

Any Child Incidental

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