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Our collection of picture books featuring Black and Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC) is available to the public. *Inclusion of a title in the collection DOES NOT EQUAL a recommendation.* Click here for more on book evaluation.

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by Julu and Jenny Campbell

"On a crisp cool morning in Kathmandu, Nepal a young street dog named Sathi prepares for her first Kukur Tihar, a festival celebrated annually by Nepalese people in the autumn, commemorating the loyal and compassionate relationship between humans and dogs. After going to the festival with some of her friends, Sathi is badly hurt and ends up in the clinic at one of the animal welfare organizations in Kathmandu. Sathi befriends a number of other street dogs at the rescue treatment center, each with their own story. We learn about the difficulties that they face each day trying to survive on the streets of Kathmandu. Then something happens which ends up changing Sathi's life forever. The book is based on a true story of a real street dog from Kathmandu who is now living in Toronto, Canada." -- publisher


Two at the Top


by Uma Krishnaswami and Christopher Corr

"Tenzing Norgay grew up in Nepal, herding yaks in the shadow of Chomolungma, the mountain also known as Everest. He has always dreamed of climbing to the top. He becomes a guide, leading treks through the Himalayas, and finally attempts the highest mountain himself, but doesn’t make it. Across the ocean, in New Zealand, Edmund Hillary grew up tending his father’s bees. He climbed his first mountain at sixteen and has climbed all over the world ever since. He tries Everest, with no success. In 1953, the two men set out on the same expedition to climb Everest. Their party numbers four hundred, counting all the guides and porters. But the climb is grueling, and eventually Norgay and Hillary are the only two determined to continue. They tramp over windswept glaciers, crawl across rope bridges, hack footholds in the ice … until finally they reach the top of the world! This remarkable true adventure story, told in a dual narrative, includes illustrated backmatter rich in geography, history and science." -- publisher

Biography Cross Group Race/Culture Concepts

I See the Sun in Nepal


by Dedie King and Judith Inglese

Depicts one day from dawn until night in one child's life in the small village of Bandipur, Nepal

Beautiful Life Informational

Pemba Sherpa


by Olga. Cossi and Gary Bernard

In a Sherpa village in the foothills of Nepal's Himalayas, seven-year-old Yang Ki wants to haul wood like her brother Pemba, so she'll grow strong enough to be a porter. She wants to learn her brother tells her that girls cannot be guides. Yang Ki, however, is very determined

Beautiful Life

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