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The Runaway Belly Button

2020by John Flannery and Mika Song

"Striking the perfect kid-friendly balance of funny and a teeny bit gross, this is a hilarious, cautionary tale about what happens when you don’t clean your belly button. Grace loved to get dirty. But she was also pretty good at getting clean—she took proper care of Hands, paid extra attention to Feet, and even remembered to scrub behind Ears. There was just one body part she tended to forget: Bellybutton. Day after day, Bellybutton got dirtier . . . and stinkier . . . and filthier. Until after one particularly neglectful bath, Bellybutton decides she’ll have to get outie there to look and smell great again. In this lighthearted and comically charming picture book, John Flannery and Mika Song bring to life the sweetly goofy Bellybutton as she teaches Grace (and all her friends) how nice it is to be sparkling clean." -- publisher








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