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Not Ready! / ʼaqemen yālmaṭana śerā

2018by Ellemae Goering, Noh Goering, Jane. Kurtz and Gina DaCruz

"Oh no, Donkey won't go! In "Not Ready!", a stubborn donkey refuses to work.In both Ethiopia and the United States, people use a proverb-"Don't put the cart before the horse"-to describe how unfortunate life can turn out when something is being done too hastily or in the wrong order. When Jane Kurtz asked her grandson, Noh Goering, whether he knew any idioms or proverbs, he said, "Don't get the cart before the donkey." Since Ethiopia has more donkeys than any other country, they decided to team up and write a story about one who ends up behind the cart. Since 1994, The Donkey Sanctuary has been providing free vet clinics and educating Ethiopians about how to care for their hard-working animals who help thousands of families with every day chores." -- publisher





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