Let Go of Jealousy

2020by Gill Hasson and Sarah. Jennings

"These friendly and reassuring picture books help kids cope with challenges in healthy ways. Jealousy can sometimes feel like having a green-eyed monster inside. Kids need effective strategies to understand the feeling and let go of their jealousy. This picture book on how to deal with jealousy acknowledges that jealousy is a common and natural human emotion, and goes on to provide practical tools to help kids, such as: Get help with your feelings and talk to a grownup or friend; Think helpful thoughts by focusing on what you can do; Work toward getting what you want; Practice gratitude for what you do have . Children will learn what jealousy is, how it feels, how it impacts others, and how to handle being the target of jealousy. At the back of the book, kids will find a special section with additional activities to manage jealousy. Also included is a note to adults with advice on helping children recognize jealousy and find positive ways to deal with their feelings. These inviting picture books offer kids a wide range of practical strategies they can use to cope with difficult feelings and situations, such as anger, worry, teasing, and jealousy. With gentle humor, charming illustrations, and kid-friendly advice—plus additional information for children and adults at the back of each book—the Kids Can Cope series gives kids the tools they need to face challenges." -- publisher

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