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Bee My Valentine

2008by Miriam Cohen and Ronald Himler

"It's Valentine's Day and the first graders are excited about the cards they will receive. Their teacher requests everybody in class to send a Valentine's card to everybody else so that nobody feels left out. However, in their eagerness to create the best cards the first graders remember to make cards only for their best friends! This upsets George who does not get as many Valentines as everybody else. Luckily, his friends know just how to cheer him up and as they play music and dance around him, it is one happy Valentine's Day party for everybody after all! This reissue of Miriam Cohen's book provides a realistic insight into the minds of children as they share their lives in a first grade classroom. Ronald Himler's new pencil-and-watercolor illustrations skillfully use body language and facial expression to chart the children's emotional highs and lows." -- publisher

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