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A Year of Seasons

2020by Sophia Day, Megan Johnson and Stephanie Strouse

"Each season brings new sights, sounds, and activities to discover! Join our MVP Kids as we discover how months make up seasons and how quickly weather can change. Put on your snow boots, galoshes, or sandals, and prepare for changing seasons! Annie heads out for a walk in the snow, but suddenly there are signs of spring all around! As she walks through each season, meeting diverse friends along the way, new clothing and accessories are needed to accommodate the different weather and activities. Readers will also discover the different season patterns in tropical and arctic zones. Children are left with the sentiment that it’s our friendships which help us endure all the different seasons in life. This book showcases diversity in positive ways with characters that span various cultures, ethnicities, family situations, physical challenges and more. Readers of all backgrounds will see themselves in these pages while learning to value the diversity within their own community and being exposed to differences from around the world." -- publisher

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