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Pepperoni, Pitches (and Other Problems)


by Shifa Saltagi Safadi and Upit Dyoni

"A POWERFUL STORY ABOUT FINDING FRIENDS WHERE YOU DIDN'T EXPECT! Amira used to love eating cheese pizza and playing baseball with her friends. But at her new school, she sits all alone and can't even have her cheese pizza slice because of Olivia! After hitting a home-run during gym, Amira finally gets noticed by the popular crowd. She's so excited to have friends that she doesn't pay attention to Olivia's tears...or Elena's narrowed eyes. Ages 5+" -- publisher

Any Child Cross Group

Spell it Like Samar


by Shifa Saltagi Safadi and Saliha Caliskan

"An empowering story of persistence and believing in yourself! Samar has recently moved to America from Syria, and everything is new. Even the jump rope games at recess are unfamiliar. It doesn't help that Jenna, the class bully, keeps making fun of Samar's accent. Samar decides to enter the school spelling bee to prove once and for all that she's smarter than everyone thinks! But learning the words turns out harder than she thought. Can Samar be persistent and compete in the school spelling bee?" -- publisher

Beautiful Life Cross Group

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