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My Magic Wand


by Pat Mora and Amber Alvarez

"From bestselling Latina author Pat Mora comes a collection of poems celebrating a young child's growth and everyday experiences throughout the seasons of a year. Would you like to... write with a magic wand? sled down a snowy slope in winter? plant flowers in a garden in spring? splash in a pool like a fish in summer? ride high up on a horse in autumn? blow out birthday candles? Come share the fun of these activities, and more, with a spunky young girl enjoying a year of growth, creativity, and discovery with her diverse family and friends." -- publisher

Any Child

Water Rolls, Water Rises / El agua rueda, el agua sube


by Pat Mora and Meilo So

"Now in paperback: In a series of poetic verses in both English and Spanish, readers learn about the movement and moods of water around the world and the ways in which water affects different landscapes and cultures. Here is an ode to the beauty of the natural world as expressed by the movement and moods of water. With every evocative verse, we visit one of fourteen different water landscapes and cultural areas around the world. Each is stunningly illustrated with a breathtaking view of the drama, joy, power, serenity, grandeur, or peacefulness of water. From the Grand Canal of Venice to Qutang Gorge in China, from the Sahara in Morocco to the Andes of Chile, we learn about the world through the lens of water, our most precious, life-giving resource." -- publisher


A library for Juana


by Pat Mora and Beatriz Vidal

From a very young age, Juana Inés loved words. When she was three years old, she followed her sister to school and begged the teacher to let her stay so she could learn how to read. Juana enjoyed poring over books and was soon making up her own stories, songs, and poems. Juana wanted to become a scholar, but career options for women were limited at this time. She decided to become a nun—Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz—in order to spend her life in solitude reading and writing. Though she died in 1695, Sor Juana Inés is still considered one of the most brilliant writers in Mexico's history: her poetry is recited by schoolchildren throughout Mexico and is studied at schools and universities around the world.


Spanish edition, Una biblioteca para Juana, available in Bates catalog.

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