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Illustration by Julie Kim from Where's Halmoni? Recently, I was working in the children’s room of a public library when a young patron approached the desk. They were planning to read a book to their siblings’ third grade class and wanted some recommendations. Great, I thought, here’s my chance to suggest some diverse books. Then ...continue reading "LOL Books"

One weekend when I was in my mid 20’s, my husband and I, an old friend of his, and my teenage nephew, Aaron, set out on a hike. My husband and his friend are both white, whereas I am Afro-Latina and my nephew is Black. Neither Aaron nor I had ever really been on a ...continue reading "Black In Nature"

We read a lot of books here at Diverse BookFinder and there are some that just stick with us longer. Maybe it’s the perfect rhyming scheme, the haunting illustrations, or the laugh out loud content. But whatever the reason, these are the books that we keep reaching for:
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